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Maintenance for OLP-18

Monday, April 25, 2016
Added Two Gate Valves, Hour-meter, And Thermometer Sticker
Equipment/Beam Line: 

We added gate valves at the inlet and exhaust of the rotary pump to make it easier to replace the pump when it fails. By closing the valves one can replace the pump without having to cryopump the mixture first. The new pump still will need to be turned on and pumped on (by another pump) for about 8 hours to get all the air out of the oil before it can be used by the DR.

The hours meter is to keep track of the total number of hours since the last maintenance. The pump should be checked after 10000 hours or every 5 years. It installed when pump had 180 hours on it, so 180 must be added to whatever reading is shown.

A thermometer sticker was added on the hotest spot of pump housing to monitor pump temperature. Pump is designed to operate at an ambient temperature 10 °C to 40 °C. If the temperature is likely to rise above 40 °C, an auxiliary cooling device should be used.

Rahim Abasalti