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M9B - Decommissioned

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M9B - Decommissioned

The M9 beamline has two legs coming from the 1AT2 target, both specializing in negative muons. Leg A has an RF beam separator and is dedicated to rare-event experiments, like radiative muon capture. M9B, built by the University of Tokyo, is a backward µ+/µ- channel with a superconducting solenoid for the decay section. It delivers a high flux beam over a momentum range approximately 20-100 MeV/c; both ends are limited by dropping intensity: an intrinsic lack of low energy pions at the low end, and the current limits on some beam elements at the high end.

Beam Lines
Spin Rotation? : 
Momentum Range (MeV/c): 
µ- flux : 
1 400
Slits Open: 
Slits Closed: 
Spins Rotated: