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Sample Environment

Into each spectrometer go a number of sample-containing inserts. Most of these are cryostats, but there are also ovens, pressure vessels, and RF resonance cells. Most have various modes of operation, including different sample holders, sometimes having internal counters. When planning an experiment, you should look at this list to see which combination of spectrometer and insert will provide the experimental conditions desired.

Sample Environmentsort descending Type Access Direction Temperature range(K) Special configurations Equipment image
BNMR-Oxford Cryostat Cryostats Axial
bNQR Cryo Oven Cryostats 10K-523K
BNQR Cryostat Cryostats Axial ~3K - 300K
Cold Finger Cryostat Cryostats Axial, Side 2.8-330 Omni, Omni-prime, Lampf, SfuMu
Dilution Refrigerator Dilution Refrigerators Top 0.010 - 30 H-LowB
Gas Flow Cryostat (Miss Piggy) Cryostats Side, Top 1.7-330 μ -Veto, VH-LowB
HGFC-Oxford Cryostats Axial 1.7-330 Hi-time
Horizontal Gas Flow Cryostat 1 Cryostats Axial 2.8-330 H-LowB, Knight, RF, RF-μw
Horizontal Gas Flow Cryostat 2 Cryostats Axial 2.8-330 H-LowB, Knight, RF, RF-μw
Horizontal Oven 1 Ovens Axial 290-900 290-900