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BNMR-Oxford Cryostat

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BNMR-Oxford Cryostat

Oxford Instruments coldfinger cryostat (OI project # 43668.4) cooled by continuous flow liquid Helium, with low temperature phase separator option. Counter flow transfer line brings liquid helium from a storage dewar situated on the bNMR platform. Control of He flow is provided via remotely-controllable (via CAMP) needle valve and two mass flow controllers, one for the counter flow and one for He exhaust. A sealed He recovery pump returns all He to the liquifier. Temperatures range ~2K - 300K (with internal plastic Forward scintillation detector installed.) There are two Lakeshore calibrated GaAlAs diode thermometers, type TG-120-SD-1.4L, mounted near the sample holder threaded socket. Single sample holder is mounted via vacuum load lock and manipulator.

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PDF icon mnl_sample_environment_bnmr.pdfPDF icon betaNMR Oxford Cryostat thermometer connectionsPDF icon bNMR_Oxford_Cryostat.pdf