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Maintenance for OLP-18

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Repair on Pump
Equipment/Beam Line: 

Pump's functionality dropped dramatically due to highe tempratue (more than 70C on the body) operation, and pump stopped working. Pump was taken apart, front plate and rear flange were scratched because of some bebries stuck to the rotors! Both flanged were sent to machine shop(by Tim) and using surface grinder, plates got resurfaaced.

End faces of HP and LP  rotors' debbries were cleaned (by Deepak). 

Pump was assembled and ran for 175 and the oil was changed (alcatel A111, 7.2 lit). There were some small metal particles and few brush strands.




Before disassemble the pump
Before disassemble the pump, side view
Before disassemble the pump, top view
Oil pump(item #42) removed
item #5, Intermediate flange
item #5, Intermediate flange
Item #7, Rear flange
item #1, Front plate
Debries on Rotor(item #16)
Item #42, Oil pump body
Cover (iem #9)
Cover (iem #9)
Discoloration on Rotor(item #16)
Drained oil from intermediate compartment
Looking into the oil case, item #3
Rahim Abasalti