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Maintenance for OLP-18

Friday, June 13, 2008
Major Repair
Equipment/Beam Line: 

On June 6, 2007 pump failed to operate. After diagnosis the pump, the following parts were damaged:

  • end plate
  • intermediate flange
  • 2nd stage rotor

(see attached picture)

The above mentioned parts, minor kit, and valve cover wire filters (large and small) were replaced. After installing these parts and operating the pump, it was making a little noise. Pump was taken apart again and there were some marks on the main flange and first stage rotor and it happened probably because of tight clearances . Deepak machined the parts carefully and pump was assembled again. It functioned very good oil needs to be changed after roughly 200 hours of operation.

Related POs:

  • TR167288 (major parts)
  • TR175254 (Wire filters or valve covers)
  • TR171215 (Minor kit and pump oil)
Rahim Abasalti