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Maintenance for M9A

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Separator 1- Ion Gauge Addition
Equipment/Beam Line: 

An auxillary ion-gauge was added next to exisiting ion-gauge. The one is UHV-24 while the original ine is UHV-24P model( Agilent). So, whichever gauge that is running, the controller setting must be adjusted for that. 

Original ion gauge will be replaced soon after a new one is recieved. Its ion-collector might be shortend. 

Background pressure: 1.9 E-7 torr

Mesh screen instlled for the new gauge. 

Make: Varian

Model: UHV-24

Part No: 971-5007  Q1104-302

Please neote thsi gaug was from 2006 but never used!

Rahim Abasalti