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Maintenance for M9A

Monday, October 26, 2020
Replacing pressure switch for S2, Negative on Stack Volume
Equipment/Beam Line: 

Pressure switch on M9A:S2NEG:STACKVOL:PSW was faulty and had to be replaced. New switch was working fine and set to ~13psi.

To do this task,

  • SF6 volume must be isolated from the rest of system
  • all SF6 gas in this volume must be reclaimed using DILo unit
  • switch has to be replaced 
  • rough down the volume to under 20 mtorr
  • charge SF6 gas again using DILO or SF6 manifold

In this task, we transferrd the SF6 gas to gs cylinder on the Dilo cart and charged the volume using the dedicated cylinder by manifold. Before charging, the cylinder weight was 2017.3lbs and after it was 203lbs.


Rahim Abasalti