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Maintenance for DR(Pandora)

Monday, January 14, 2019
General Maintenance
Equipment/Beam Line: 

DR cabinet and fridge were taken aparat for general decade maintenance and some other work on fridge. Work on Fridge which included adding silver shielding is explained in another maintenance entry. The list of maintainances were done are as following:

-Replaced all o-rings for gas handling system, about 250 all together. (please see note 1), leak rate for gas handeling system: 3E-8 torr.lit/sec

-Replaced all o-rings for vacuum system.

-Replaced coalescing filters for Helium-3 rotary pump. (see note 2)

-Replaced valve#12 with a new one. (KF25 Edwards speedivalve from old stock )

-Replaced QSB, valve#13(QSB), and #26  seals (Diaphragm for KF10 Edwards speedivalve, PO: 3048868)

-Serviced and cleaned all other valves on vacuum side.

-Cleaned high vacuum gauges.

-Replaced P1 and P2 gauges with convectron gauges.

-Replaced window protection air valves. (MAC solenoid valve. PO: 3049117)

-Added flowmeter in parallel with valve #12. (model: FMA5527A, PO: 3042579)

-Added pressure transducer adjacent with pressure gauge G4. (model: PX309-015A5V, PO: 3042579)

-Changed oil on all wet and diffuision pumps.



1. O-ring size for gas handling system is 2 mm Wide x 8 mm ID and this is the best fit for it. Some of the fittings have 01-1/02011 that must be replaced in the next maintenance.

2. Original filters were 150-19-BX and 150-19-DX which where used on the inlet and exhaust of the pump respectively. The equivalent filters for these numbers will not fit in the housing. 38-152-50K (fine) and 38-152-70K (coarse) are replacement for these filters. The fine filter must be used on the exhaust and coarse filter on the inlet port. Triumf PO: 3049606.

Rahim Abasalti