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Maintenance for DR(Pandora)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
DR check after warm up
Equipment/Beam Line: 


Pump IVC and OVC for 18 hours down to 3 x 10E-4 torr

Pumping only through the leak detector, no change in leak rate 0 x 10E-9 up to valves 25B and 25C

Open 25C: IVC leak rate 3 x 10E-8

Close 25C and Open 25B: OVC leak rate 2.6 x 10E-8

Capillary flow though

With 0.5 atm of He(4) on the still side the flow rate was about 8 mbar/min.

Capillary leak check

Equalize pressure on both sides of the capillary leak rate 3 x10E-8 no change after 4 min, 8 min and 1 hour


IVC @ 1 torr of  He(4)  OVC  @  1E-3 Torr

Leak rate of the OVC was 2.8 x E-8, 3.5 x E -8 after 4 min and 4.1 x E -8 after 8 min.

Bassam Hitti