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Maintenance for DR(Pandora)

Saturday, December 12, 2009
XGS-600 Gauge Controller Replacement
Equipment/Beam Line: 

The new version of XGS-600 with Helium option was replaced with the old one which didn't have this option. The old unit was shipped to Varian and there was no charge for the new model! A test with Helium gas in gas handling system was done and results looked reasonable. More tests with better accuracy needs to be done in operation mode.

For Calibration to measure Helium gas, here is part of email from Agilent engineer from Oct 6 2014 email

...We do not calibrate the gauge and head to helium. There is a helium selectable mode for the Convector card in the XGS. Please clear all settings in the controller ( default ), and then calibrate the Convector head at vacuum only, not at atm. Then select the helium option for gas correction. If the gauge head had been calibrated at atm, you could be way out on the helium reading.

Rahim Abasalti