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Maintenance for DRP-15

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Equipment/Beam Line: 

This pump and DRP-17 were sent for STANDARD OVERHAUL. Please see attachment for repair quotation.

Hour meter: 6753 hrs

Requisition number for repair: 1022841

Disassembly Observations:  
>    Pump does not start.
>    Frequency converter is in good condition.
>    Pump doesn't spin by hand.
>    Oil is clear.
>    Oil found in all stages of the pump.
>    Lip seals are in bad condition.
>    Gears are in good condition.
>    HP bearings spin okay.
>    LP bearing is seized, so it will not spin by hand.
>    Driven shaft sized on the pass through hole on the LP1 stator.
> The LP bearing failure caused the driven shaft to become unbalanced
> and heat up. This caused a seizure between the driven shaft and the
> feed through hole on the LP1 stator. It is recommended to have the
> pump rebuilt at 22K hours or every 4 years. This pump is five years
> old and there is no repair history on our system. It also does not
> help that the pump seems to sit for long periods of time in between
> uses (5 year old pump with low hours). This will cause the oil in the
> bearing block to drop to the bottom of the reservoir and the seals and
> bearings can dry out over time. In this case the lip seals were in bad
> condition and the oil leaked into the vacuum module. If a pump is
> going to sit for long periods of time, we would recommend running the
> pump for about half an hour every three months to help distribute the oil and
lubricate bearings and seals.


Rahim Abasalti