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Maintenance for DRP-04

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Full rebuild
Equipment/Beam Line: 

Pump found to behave insufficiently.  Pump rebuilt completely.  After rebuilding, the temperature unstable and over 68C.  Orbiting plate bearings reset and pump reassembled.  The Distance from top of orbiting nut and crankshaft was .059" without teflon, .068" with teflon and .066" when tightened.  Temperature was still too hot.  So then I lowered the orbiting plate to .067" with teflon and .065" after tightening the jam screws.  Temperature came up to 65C and steadily dropped.  Within 24 hours temperature was 52ish.  Pump was installed in BNMR cage under the magnet.  with an ultimate pressure reported as 14 mTorr.

Deepak Vyas