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Maintenance for DRP-02

Sunday, October 8, 2017
Full rebuild
Equipment/Beam Line: 

Tip seals were changed a few days ago.  Test showed excessive heat and squeaky noise coming from the pump module.  When taken apart some grime was found on the 1st stage tip seals.  Upon further disassembly orange powder debris was found to be originating from one of the bearings in the inboard housing in the center.  This orange material was very abrasive and it has scored the 1st stage surface near the centers where the tip seals contact.  Full rebuild performed making sure as much of the debris was removed.  The tipseals previously installed were also thrown out since they were contaminated with the orange debris.  orbiting plate was set to .059".   Test is currently underway.  It reached 20mTorr within 3 minutes.

The test showed good pressure and no squeak.  The temperature has reached 61.2C within an hour and seems like it's good enough.  Will be subsequently installed as the test completes.

Deepak Vyas