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Maintenance for DRP-02

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Pump serviced
Equipment/Beam Line: 

Pump was taken out of service due to it's inability to maintain good rough backing pressure.  Pump was taken apart.  A shaft seal was found faulty.  A repair kit was applied and pump was set up for testing.  The orbiting plate spacing was set to .007" after tightening and tested.  Within 30 minutes the temperature was 66 degrees Celcius.  It was then taken apart again and the Triscroll space was found to be burning.  It was then set to .006".  It was tested.  Then temperature hovered around 56 degrees Celcius.  The pressure was found to be 13.4 mTorr.

The automatic valve on top was suspicious on the first try.  I tapped it and the pressure responded as if the tapping opened the valve.  Subsequent testing of that valve is expected after the pump has been "run-in". 


Deepak Vyas