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Maintenance for Belle

Thursday, November 22, 2007
Removing Magnet and Some Notes
Equipment/Beam Line: 

To install the magnet the following notes must be considered that were taking while removing the magnet:

1-vent the magnet 2-remove the side flanges 3-remove the room temperature(RT) bore(be careful not to scratch O-ring surfaces) 4-drop the RT housing(watch the bottom window) 5-remove the side A Cu flange 6-remove side B flange and bore as a piece gently 7-drop the Cu shield 8-remove main Al RT bottom plate 9-remove split Al Shields 10-support the magnet 11-remove the magnet flange screws and break the indium seal 12-lower the magnet "slowly" until the second baffle is out 13-leave liquid helium line tighten with cable tie 14-detach the brass liquid helium line fittings 15- lower the magnet a bit more to be able to unsolder the leads 16-unplug the blue wire connection

Now magnet should be free and it can be removed completely. Keep the parts clean and stored in plastic bags.

Rahim Abasalti